Episode 10 - Blowing Bubbles

An introduction to the hobby of Infinity (by Corvus Belli) with a focus on beginner hobby tips, tactics, and tournament prep!

Episode 10 - Blowing Bubbles

10 Whopping Shows - Who'da thunk!
***This show is dedicated to our good friend Bubbles, who left us for other men.   We know you'll be back someday, baby, when they stop putting out...***

On a serious note, we played some great games fueled by the new Operation Flamestrike campaign organized by Beasts of War.  Randy actually plays another game! We also drop several knowledge bombs as we talk about our games as well as some new revelations and some basics on how to use Mines.  Randy has good intentions , Grant STILL sucks at airbrushing, and Brad has trouble with his kitties.

We are really glad that you have decided to join us on this journey though our beginning in the hobby of Infinity: The Game.  Hopefully, you walk away from the episode learning at LEAST one thing - and if not - we'll get there, we promise.

A few links from the show:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/144359792574468/ - To request into the Private Personal Flashpaper Group on Facebook
http://www.personalflashpaper.com - Our page.  Love it, live it, make it your homepage.
http://flamestrike.warconsole.com/ - Operation Flamestrike!  Get in on the action today!  Easy to register.
www.bloodinthesun.com - Page will be updated with current info by 2/21/2016.

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