Episode 25 - A Brief Debrief of Adepticon

An introduction to the hobby of Infinity (by Corvus Belli) with a focus on beginner hobby tips, tactics, and tournament prep!

Episode 25 - A Brief Debrief of Adepticon

Welcome to our 25th episode of Personal Flashpaper! We reach new recording milestones within the first 5 minutes of the cast.  Who says a milestone needs to be a positive thing?   Chris takes some time away from the cast with his new job so we ask KC native Rob Baker to join us and talk about the Adepticon experience.  Rule of the episode is Sniffer .  Grant exposes his love for Sex in the City, Rob rides the Infinity train, and Randy records while peeing!

***THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR JOINING US ON OUR PFP FACEBOOK PAGE - WE'RE OVER 600 MEMBERS!!!  If you haven't joined us...please do!***

We are really glad that you have decided to join us on this journey though our beginning in the hobby of Infinity: The Game.  Hopefully, you walk away from the episode learning at LEAST one thing - and if not - we'll get there, we promise.

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