Episode 5 - Happy TAGsgiving

An introduction to the hobby of Infinity (by Corvus Belli) with a focus on beginner hobby tips, tactics, and tournament prep!

Episode 5: Happy TAGsgiving

Our fifth episode!  In this show we talk about the biggest Miniature Wargaming Convention in the world, Adepticon, and what sort of Infinity events are going on there.  We also scatter in some hobby talk, new revelations, and talk about Suppressive Fire.  Randy tells us about his experience with Scrapple, Grant fails at “Going hobby dark”, and Brad eats a lot of turkey. We also announce our FIRST CONTEST sponsored by Chaos Orc.

We are really glad that you have decided to join us on this journey though our beginning in the hobby of Infinity: The Game.   Hopefully, you walk away from the episode learning at LEAST one thing - and if not - we'll get there, we promise.

A few links from the show:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/144359792574468/ - To request into the Private Personal Flashpaper Group on Facebook

http://www.personalflashpaper.com - You can register for the event now, and individual tourney sign-ups are coming soon.

http://www.adepticon.org - The Adepticon Webpage- Signup here and info about all of the events.




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We are still in our infancy - so be nice!  Practice makes perfect, and we're pretty damn far from perfect.  We welcome your feedback.  If you like what your hear tell the world!  If you don't...just let us know how we can fix it...via email.

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